Commercial Kitchens

Why Hygibreak® for Commercial Kitchens?

Apply Directly On Existing Sandwich Panels

Hygibreak® is self-adhesive, so can be applied directly ontop of existing sandwich panels, making it a cost effective solution for renovations.

Easy To Clean

Hygibreak® is easy to clean, the Glasbord® with Surfaseal® surface means that stains will not stick and and will be easily washed off without residue.

Customizable Colors

Colors can be customized to match existing specifications and requirements.

High Abrasion Resistance

Hygibreak® Is highly resistant to Abrasion, which will remove the need for excessive painting and maintanence in Back of House Applications

Chemical & Biological Resistance

Hygibreak® is chemically resistant to a wide range of cleaning chemicals as well as does not allow mold and mildew grow on the surface.

Lifetime Water Resistance

Will not allow water to penetrate surface layer.

Fastest Installation

Due to the self adhesive nature of Hygibreak®, It can be installed faster than any other wall panel on the market.

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