Hygibreak hygienic Drop in Ceiling Tiles

Hygibreak wall 2

12mm Aluminium Backing

Size of panels

0.6m x 0.6m
1.20m x 0.6m
Custom Sizes can be made

Fire Rating

Fire rated wall covering available in Class C and Class A

Glasbord® Panel With Surfaseal® With Self Adhesive Thermobreak® Backing

Hygibreak Glasbord® Panel with Surfaseal® which is backed with Thermobreak® physically crosslinked polyolefin foam adhesive layer. Hygibreak is a durable, flexible building material and will not mold, mildew, rot or corrode. The surface exhibits excellent resistance to mild chemicals and moisture.

Self Adhesive Backing - Peel and Stick

Hygibreak brings the world’s first Self-adhesive option to Glasbord®. No need for any adhesive spreading on site. No wasted adhesive. No uneven spreading.

Surfaseal® Finish

Surfaseal® Is a unique surface treatment that, when compared to ordinary FRP, exhibits up to 10 times cleanability, 6 times the stain resistance and 2 times the abrasion resistance


Hygibreak Glasbord® with Surfaseal® moisture resistance panels are designed for interior wall claddings where a sanitary easy to clean wall protection system is desired that is fast and easy to install.


  • Renovations where existing wall coverings are not removed
  • Wall finish for hospitals
  • wall panel for labratories
  • Food Manufacturing/wall covering for sanitary area
  • Back of House Applications (BOH)
  • Kitchen wall cladding
  • Education Facilities where an antibacterial wall cladding is needed
  • Areas where PVC wall cladding is specified
  • Areas where acrylic wall protection sheet is specified
Colonial white
Pearl Gray
Smooth Black
Smooth Gray
Smooth White