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Compare Hygibreak® to traditional PVC and Ceramic Tiles PVC / ThermoplasticHygibreak®Ceramic Tiles
Compare Hygibreak® to traditional PVC and Ceramic Tiles
CleanabilityRetains food stains. Retains GraffitiEasiest to cleanSurfaces are easy to clean, however grouted joints retain stains
HygienePore free surface, Mold and Mildew free and will not support bacteria growthPore free surface. high stain resistance. Mold and mildew free, does not support bacteria growthWill support bacteria, mold and mildew growth
Chemical ResistanceLower Chemical resistance, less likely to resist against continuous exposure to disinfectants and acidHighly chemical resistantNot resistant to disinfectants and to chemicals
Impact ResistanceLess than 16% of the impact resistance protection compared to HygibreakHighest impact resistanceLow impact resistance, tiles frequently crack to impact
DurabilityNeeds Periodic renewal. Non-reinforced thermoplastic panels display only 24% of the “stiffness’ that Hygibreak panels provide.Extremely long life, high stiffness thanks to high fiberglass contentNeeds periodic maintanence, tile replacement and regrouting to maintan appearance and hygiene
Ease of InstallationDifficult to install due to large thermal expansion (up to 3x that of Hygibreak). Adhesives tend to "bead" and reduce spreadability Self adhesive, fastest and easiest product to installExtremely difficult and time consuming to install
Cost of OwnershipMedium upfront cost, high maintanence costRelatively low upfront cost, lowest cost of ownershipHighest upfront cost and highest maintanence cost
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